About Us

Our Mission

To provide a holistic approach to physiotherapy by treating the cause of your symptoms and taking into consideration all aspects of a patients being. We aim to bring you the best quality care and best possible outcome with our passion and knowledge. 

Our Philosophy

To maintain standards of excellence while providing quality service to our patients.

Our Story

Hands On Therapy first opened for business on June 1st, 1998 at 75 Victoria Street, Hamilton, Bermuda with Shirlene Dill as the owner and sole employee. In 1999, Hands On Therapy made its first move to the Crisson Building, 3 Park Road, Hamilton where it remained until 2001. When making the move to this second location, Shirlene expanded and employed a full-time graduated Physiotherapist and a Physiotherapist Assistant. In 2001, Hands On Therapy would relocate to its third location on the corner of Church and King Street. At this time Hands On Therapy employed full-time staff members including one physiotherapist, one physiotherapist assistant and a receptionist. In 2002, Hands On Therapy was awarded the “Career Incentive Award” by The Bermuda Business & Professional Women’s Club.

Hands on Therapy continued to grow and expand. However, in January of 2005 after being quite settled in its third location, Hands On Therapy was forced to vacate the space by the new building owner. Shirlene was unable to find another suitable and affordable location and unfortunately was forced to release her staff.  Shirlene then carried on with Hands On Therapy alone as she could, working out of a few temporary spaces, her home and even seeing patients at their homes or offices. Then finally after three years, in February 2008, Hands On Therapy found a new location, a small space at 82 South Road Warwick – where it has remained ever since in its permanent home. During this time in the new Warwick location, Shirlene went on to hire a full-time physiotherapist from 2010 to 2016 and a full-time office assistant from 2015 to the present.