Meet the Team

Shirlene Dill, BSc. – Physiotherapist

Shirlene Dill is a physiotherapist who has owned and operated her own clinic Hands On Therapy since 1998. She obtained her physiotherapy degree at Temple University in Philadelphia over 30 years ago. She has worked at various hospitals/clinics in the US, at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and at Bermuda Health Care Services. Shirlene has been practising John F. Barnes Myofascial Release since 1992 and is a full instructor. She has taken all courses offered by John F. Barnes, has assisted with teaching at seminars in the US and Bermuda and has done skill enhancements at the Myofascial Release Treatment Centres alongside John F. Barnes. She is also an Associate Pilates Instructor, trained in Rehab for Pilates and has done some Personal Training. Shirlene’s education is ongoing and she continues to take various courses annually in order to provide her patients with quality care. Shirlene is trained in other manual therapy techniques and Kinesio-taping. In addition to Myofascial Release Shirlene specializes in treating all aspects of  Women’s Health and TMJ. 

Shirlene has contributed significantly to the profession of physiotherapy in Bermuda by sitting on Boards and Associations, including The Allied Health Council, the Bermuda Health Council and served as the past Chairman of the Board of Physiotherapists and the Bermuda Physiotherapy Association. Shirlene has helped many others along their path to studying physiotherapy and many students seek out her help and advice. Additionally, Shirlene has worked with various sports teams including the Bermuda Women’s National Football team and Carifta Track and Field team. She has given educational lectures on Sports, Injury Prevention and Treatment, Ergonomics, Back Care Education, and Women’s Health.  

Jermecca Lightbourne – Administrative Assistant

Jermecca joined the Hands On Therapy team in 2015, bringing over eight years of managerial experience and is Remarkable Receptionist certified. Jermecca has a passion for delivering efficient administrative support. She prides herself on her exceptional communication and listening skills that allow her to successfully interact with all patients face-to-face and over the phone. Providing high-quality customer service comes to Jemecca naturally. Her professionalism, warm and friendly demeanour, and attentiveness to the patients needs make her a valued member of the Hands On Therapy team.